Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I)

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Cryptograpy Crack the code, discover the secret. In particular, the cannon and crew currently being sculpted.

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It's always important, especially these days, to know how your miniatures measure up. When designing my ToD line, I knew that they would be going up against many of my human troops and mixed in with undead from other manufacturers, so we've made them to a scale that would fit in well with most companies. I've been designing miniatures and games for over three decades, and this project has been in my mind and heart for a long while. Steve Phillips Firing Line Miniatures has been my chief caster and mold maker for almost two decades, and is taking on the title of "Master Caster" of these miniatures.

This time around I've also had the great pleasure and relief of having help in laying out the Kickstarter by the talented Kawe Weissi-Zadeh of Westfalia miniatures fame.

The insect apocalypse is coming. Here's what you can do about it

It's like having a bespoke tailor! All miniatures are designed, sculpted and cast In the USA.

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This is my fourth Kickstarter, with a seasoned crew of sculptors and casters- so I'm pretty well acquainted with the processes and where the hiccups can happen, and am constantly working to mitigate these factors before they come up. This will be the first time I use Backerkit, so the time to get the surveys out may take a bit longer depending on the learning curve. That's why I'm giving this Kickstarter a bit more time to get rewards out. Most of the models of this Kickstarter, including the initial Stretch Goals, have already been sculpted, with master mold castings vetted and approved for the first set.

My caster, Firing Line miniatures makes master molds from RTV instead of vulcanized rubber which greatly mitigates any chances of the master models getting wrecked in the process.

Other than things outside of my control like a postal strike or horrible weather we should be good to go! Remember that Kickstarter does not unlock funds until 3 weeks after the Kickstarter succeeds, so that adds to the time I can get models out to you. These miniatures may contain lead which may be harmful if chewed or swallowed. Bring out your Dead This level grants you our undying thanks, and you can wax poetic on the comments page!

The insect apocalypse is coming. Here's what you can do about it

At this level you get your choice of 1 single unit and 1 command pack for a total of 13 models. Pick 1 unit plus 1 command pack from the options available. This pledge is for 13 models, 1 of each type of white metal Renaissance skeletons listed below. This pledge level gets you 2 units and 1 command pack for up to a total of 43 models. Pick any 2 units plus 1 command pack from the options available.

This pledge level includes 4 units, 2 command packs plus the mounted Pestilence Commander. Pick a mix of 4 units plus 2 command packs from the options available. This pledge level includes 6 units, 4 command packs plus the mounted War Commander. Pick a mix of 6 units plus 4 command packs from the options below.

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Be ready to ride onto any tabletop and call in the Apocalypse with style! This pledge is for the Four Horsemen command set - painted, based and signed by Thomas Foss.

It could only get worse before it gets better.

This pledge level includes 10 units, 5 command packs plus the Generals of the Apocalypse set. Pick a mix 10 units plus 5 command packs from the options available. These stalwart crossbows are ready for action! This pledge level gets you 1 full unit of 14 crossbow models with command set: painted, based and signed by Thomas Foss.

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The front rank are deftly using their pavise shield , typical of Genoese and Bohemian troops of the period. These can be individually based or group-based for Kings of War.

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These models are from the first cast prototypes, and - as such - are unique! Enjoy a Collection of Death set plus 2 one-off converted models, all painted, based, and signed by Thomas Foss a total of 15 models.

Apocalypse II Revelation

Any unlocked miniatures for this Kickstarter will also be painted and added to this collection variations not included. Sep 16, - Oct 11, 25 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email.

Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I) Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I)
Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I) Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I)
Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I) Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I)
Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I) Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I)
Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I) Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I)
Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I) Apocalyspe I & II (Apocalypse I)

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