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White Magic Way

Of course you need sun to build a solar house, so do it if you can, it is free energy and will help our planet too. Before buying a solar system it is suggested to study the specific climate of your land with a SWAAT solar wind anemometer and tower Solar Sphere offers a very interesting leasing program for solar systems for new or existing homes.

Adopting Bio Architecture in Rural Housing

Their program allows you to go green without any costs, find Solar Contractors in your area and start saving on electricity. If living off grid appeals to you, earthships are houses planned in this spirit. A passive solar house, is a real energy saver and comfort enhancer.

This approach to planning the location and size of doors, windows and skylights, according to local winds and the use of shading at the right places, will help you create a cool atmosphere and good ventilation. The flow of air in the house goes together with the energy flow, so the better the ventilation is planned, not to fast and not to slow in terms of air flow , the higher the energy level of the space.

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The electricity plan will require special attention if you want to live in a healthy house. The plan will provide electric energy to all the rooms, following an antenna scheme and avoiding closed loops.

A more effective grounding than in usual building will lead most of the electromagnetic radiation to the earth, and all metallic masses will be connected to a separate grounding rod as well. Keep the electricity box as far as possible from the living areas. The space around, above and under the beds must be totally clean of electricity cables, at least one meter distance in all directions. Living water is high energy water, magic water.

It is worth to invest in a water purification system that converts the water into living water, there are some very effective systems on the market. Drinking and bathing with living water makes a huge difference for your personal health, also for the health of your environment, plants, animals, and earth.

Bio-architecture suggests to harvest rainwater and recycle grey waters, with simple and ecological techniques. It is money saving in the long term and useful for the garden. With harvested rainwater you can create water ponds with aquatic plants and fish that will attract birds and enhance the energy level around your house. As a final touch, integrate an orgone device in the floor to create a strong energetic center or integrate a device in the entrance door of your house, the high energy level of the orgonite will constantly transform polluted energy and give a boost to your space.

Feng shui elements, windshimes or statues, can be excellent energy boosters as well. Finally, the most important element, is the energy you and the people who build the house, put in the place. Bring joy to the workers, treat them well, surprise them with food and drinks, create the energy of the place with them. Positive building energy! Real white magic. The more joyful the atmosphere will be during the work, the more the house will vibrate and emit joy forever!

Neri Oxman: Bio-Architecture

Visit our Green Architecture Bookstore! All the materials, eco-friendly products, solar system, filtering system and information you need to build green, save energy and help mother earth, you will find at Neutral Existence! The idea of organic architecture refers not only to the buildings' literal relationship to the natural surroundings, but how the buildings' design is carefully thought about as if it were a unified organism.

Geometries throughout Wright's buildings build a central mood and theme. Essentially organic architecture is also the literal design of every element of a building: From the windows, to the floors, to the individual chairs intended to fill the space. Everything relates to one another, reflecting the symbiotic ordering systems of nature. Bio-Architecture studies the natural principles of animal and human constructions from several different perspectives, and presents a great part of the knowledge that gives origin and shape to built form.

Organic architecture offers a design approach arising from natural principles, bringing us back to local history, tradition, and cultural roots to give us built forms which are in harmony with nature. It also shows how architects can take advantage of the resources that contemporary technology has placed within our grasp. Bio-Architecture is a unique book that studies the natural principles of animal and human constructions from several different perspectives and looks at what gives origin and shape to built form.

The text gives an informative, inspiring overview of the drive toward organically informed design both intrinsically and aesthetically using a wide variety of international examples.

What's the Opportunity in Bioarchitecture?

Javier Senosiain is an architect and an historian. He has pursued his interest in Organic Architecture across the globe drawing parallels between Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic dome and the spider's web; between Santiago Calatrava's Cathedral of St John in NY and the roots of a tree. Where nature has inspired form, Senosiain has made a career of analyzing and applying the principles he sees in some very creative writing and architecture. Inspires architects to design structures that complement and correspond to their natural surroundings. Visit Seller's Storefront. Advance payment by credit card accepted by AbeBooks, bank transfer or paypal: the shipment by Bartolini courier at 4. Shipments abroad: Advance payment by credit card, bank transfer or paypal. The shipment costs are differently from Country to Country.

Bio-Architecture Bio-Architecture
Bio-Architecture Bio-Architecture
Bio-Architecture Bio-Architecture
Bio-Architecture Bio-Architecture
Bio-Architecture Bio-Architecture

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