Evolution of the Good Man

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The old stereotype of the macho man who grunts his feelings and just brings home the bacon is not enough. The modern man must be in alignment of being holistic in his thinking and performance as an aligned human being. The today man has the opportunity to live a more balanced life and participate in every aspect of everyday life. The modern man has the gift of more freedom. There is a cost to the gift of freedom; action is required. The modern man is a work in progress, a translator of energy in a flow to create manifestations of growth and empowerment.

They make a point to pay attention to the vibrations of energy around them. They speak in compassion and understanding when responding to loved ones and friends.

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They live in an eternal process of becoming love in action. We should not be afraid to change or be afraid to allow change to occur. Embrace the change with an open mind and the willingness to co-create with the universe. Be prepared to listen, even when you may feel you are not being heard. Learn to love without expectations. Use your time wisely and with clear intention. Make solution a daily goal of your personal achievement. Vision your goals and dreams and begin to gather a team to accomplish a unified goal.

Learn to lead with love. Learn to be a leader and a follower. Be willing to show up and willing to get the job done, period. The change starts with me and my actions.

I am willing to learn some new skills. I am willing to open up my heart and mind up to new empowering ways of supporting the people of this planet. I am willing to answer the call of service to aid my society, believing there is no job that is beneath me and I am willing to be of service in order to get the job done.

Understanding this fear of the enemy helps explain a number of things about why men are the way they are.

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Even though these fears have ancient roots, they are not fixed. They can be understood and changed.

Evolution of the mammalian placenta revealed by phylogenetic analysis | PNAS

But it must first start with love and acceptance for who we are. I look forward to your questions and comments. Originally published on Men Alive. Sign up for our Writing Prompts email to receive writing inspiration in your inbox twice per week. You can be a part of every call, group, class, and community. Log in if you wish to renew an existing subscription.

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The Evolution of Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut

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The Anthropology of Manhood

They also corrected for "serial monogamists," or people who had been widowed and remarried, but weren't involved in polygamous relationships. Unsurprisingly, the men who acquired lots of wives also produced more children. For each additional spouse, a man could expect about six more kids. Each wife in the relationship could expect to produce an average of one fewer child for every additional wife. When polygamy was outlawed, the reproductive gap between successful polygamous men and wife-less singletons plummeted by 58 percent, the researchers found.

So the end of polygamy brought the genders into line, he said. That's no surprise, said Henry Harpending, a professor of anthropology at the University of Utah, who was not involved in the research. Historical Mormons are particularly interesting to study, Harpending told LiveScience, because there is little question as to the paternity of offspring. In other polygamous cultures, Harpending said, marriage doesn't always mean sexual exclusivity, making similar studies difficult.

However, he cautioned, the variation in reproductive success seen in the Mormon population doesn't necessarily mean that evolutionary selection is taking place. If it's just random — my Uncle Charlie helped me buy a farm and I got three wives — then that doesn't change the gene pool.

Evolution of the Good Man Evolution of the Good Man
Evolution of the Good Man Evolution of the Good Man
Evolution of the Good Man Evolution of the Good Man
Evolution of the Good Man Evolution of the Good Man
Evolution of the Good Man Evolution of the Good Man

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