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Prayer: Gateway to the Spiritual Life

A sign that you should just pursue your passion and leave the rest to your spirit guides.

Openhand Stage 2: 5GATEWAYS | Openhand

I don't know about you, but many people find it extremely disconcerting or even scary to see the number 5 everywhere, myself included! Because 5s denote change and challenges. In terms of the tarot nearly all the 5s in the minor arcana are all about challenge, change, and conflict. Change is scary but it's not necessarily a bad thing! When you start seeing 5s it's a sign to make positive changes in your life that are more authentic to your true self. It could also be a heads up from the universe to prepare for changes ahead. Now is not the time to dig in your heels. Instead, just go with the flow and be prepared for anything.

Another reason why 5s are not all bad is that sometimes, change means that you're free to decide what happens next. The number 5 is also associated with freedom, adventure, and risk taking. It encourages you to be free, go travel, experience new things, and take a risk!

If you are seeing 55 or the message is in essence the same but amplified. In essence your angels are giving you a heads up that there are big changes ahead. They're helping you make positive changes in your life and want to let you know that they are shaking things up for you for your good. It's a signal to be prepared. The number 55 or is another one that is associated with spiritual awakening because when one goes through acsension big life changes are required. Your vibration is changing, rising, evolving, and you may no longer fit in with the people you used to be around.

Lower vibrational relationships and negative patterns are all coming down.

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This is good. Let the change come and embrace the new you! You are going through a major life change and the transition may not be easy but you must trust that ultimately your spirit guides will help you get through it and be at a better place than you were at before.

If you look at the shape of the number 6 you'll notice that it sort of looks like a pregnant woman in side profile. This number is the most harmonious, loving, and nurturing of them all. If any number could be said to be associated with love and family, then the number 6 would be it! Seeing the number 6 is a sign that if you are single, then love is on the way. If you are in a relationship or are married, then it's a sign to spend quality time with your partner and family. This number is all about mending relationships and not just romantic ones. It's telling you to be there for your friends and try to resolve any issues that stand between you.

If you've been thinking about starting a family then now is the time to do so. Love is not always about others. Sometimes it's all about loving yourself.

If you've been feeling pretty wretched lately then the number 6 is telling you to take care of yourself. Do something that makes you feel good and be kind to yourself! Finally, 6s are also all about healing. This could be a sign that either you need to learn reiki, holistic medicine, or even study traditional medicine if that is what you want! You're being called to heal others or perhaps you require healing yourself in which case it's time to make that appointment!

People tend to be very scared of the number because it's been associated with the devil in the past. Let me tell you that is absolute nonsense! The number 6 is kind and loving. Therefore, 66 and are amplified versions of that feeling.

10:10 Gateway Soul Path Turning Points & Readings with Michele Meiche

What's higher that self love, romantic love, and platonic love? Universal love, source energy, and the law of one. Now is the time to share your love, to be charitable, and to open your heart to others.

Express yourself in a loving way that honours the inner goodness present in all beings. Be selfless and think about the greater good. Try to create positive change in some way for those around you. The number is actually one that we really need right now because it's all about unity and the angels are all about unity consciousness. The key message is that we are all one and we should start treading each other as such! It's also a message from your angels that they love you! Trust your spirit guides to help and support you.

How to Prioritize Spiritual and Financial Success

You are not alone, dear one. Your angels are here. Every number is associated with something different and has its own unique vibration. If the number 3 urges you to be social, then the number 7 urges you to spend time time alone to think about things.

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You're being asked to just stop, reflect, and have patience. Start a meditative practice, take up yoga, reading, walks in nature or anything else that helps you to achieve a calm and tranquil state of mind. Read some spiritual books and study metaphysics. The answers are there waiting for you. If you're on the fence about buying a self-help book or course then this number tells you to go for it because it is all about personal development and enrichment of the mind and soul.

Sadhguru's Talk on Finding Success on the Spiritual Path - Spiritual Life

It is time to connect with Spirit and discover your soul's truth. The number 7 is also most associated with truth and by truth I mean seeking your truth or speaking your truth. If you have some knowledge that you can share then teach others! Share your wisdom. Your angels really want you to dive head first into mysticism and seek wisdom in the secrets of nature and the divine.

Look into sacred geometry, kabbalah, the tarot, or other ancient sources of wisdom and guidance. The message here is that you are ready to learn what it is that your guides want to teach you. It's a sign that you should look into developing your intuition and connecting with your guides. There is also a highly expressive and creative element in the number Teach, create, and inspire others.

Share whatever it is that you have learned! Being a highly spiritual number, is a sign from your angels that you are perhaps giving too much power to your fears. Trust in the universe to have your back and release your fears. Instead of giving power to your fears trust your own spiritual understanding and inner wisdom to guide you forward instead. The number 8 is another one that I really like because I grew up in Hong Kong and the Chinese consider the number 8 to herald abundance and prosperit y.

Gateway to the Spiritual Path Gateway to the Spiritual Path
Gateway to the Spiritual Path Gateway to the Spiritual Path
Gateway to the Spiritual Path Gateway to the Spiritual Path
Gateway to the Spiritual Path Gateway to the Spiritual Path
Gateway to the Spiritual Path Gateway to the Spiritual Path
Gateway to the Spiritual Path Gateway to the Spiritual Path

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