Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition)

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Es gibt ein Wir-Erleben, das die Ideengemeinsamkeit betont. Dies hat keine politische Kraft.

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Auch erschafft sich in der Bewegtheit vieler durch die gleiche Idee unstreitig ein erster Hauch von Gemeinschaftsleben. Das besitzt aber keine eigene Innerlichkeit. Das Fluidum des Gegenstandes umgibt uns und die Genossen im Geiste. Der Mitmensch als solcher spielt nur eine begleitende Rolle. Darum geht durch Ideengemeinschaften so leicht ein universalistischer und ungeschichtlicher Zug. Die Gemeinschaft selbst ist ihnen Gesetz, sie ist ihnen ein eigener selbstlebendiger Kreis, in dem sich ihr gemeinsames Sein metaphysisch verdichtet.

Er liegt auf dem geschichtlich dauernden, vom Staate umhegten Volksganzen, in dem wir als Zelle ruhen. Es ist aber mehr als Seele. Volkheit ist die Einheit der Volksgenossen in geistiger Wirklichkeit. Die Macht, die in ihm verdichtet ist, strebt stets quantitativ weiter zu. Zwar kein Volk kann ohne die Klammer und das Schwert des Staats leben. Aber seine Klammer wird morsch und sein Schwert wird stumpf, wenn nicht im Herzen der Volksgenossen heilige Duheit lebt, wenn sich nicht ihre Willen ineinander und miteinander verkettet haben und sie im Bekenntnis zu ihrem Blut und ihrem Boden, ihrer Sprache und ihrer Geschichte innere Unteilbarkeit geworden sind.

Das entspricht genau der Wandlung, die jenes Erleben in alle anderen Berufe hineingetragen hat. So auch im politischen Beruf. Und die machtpolare Seite des Staates?

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Beherrscher seiner Menschen, bestenfalls als die ersten Diener des Staates, der ihnen erblich zugefallen war. Es ist, als schickte der alleine Strom der Duheit, der werden will, hier seine Wellen voraus. Ihr politisches Gesicht ist Kameradschaft und Gefolgschaft.

Von diesem Verwesentlichungszuge ist alles Geschehen getragen, das das Volk als seine Geschichte erlebt. Sie braucht auch meinen Einsatz, um geistig zu reifen. Wesen tritt dann zu Wesen. Es ist dann ein Ewigkeitssinn lebendig geworden, der in die Welt hinaus wirkt. Zur philosophisen Grundlegung des Nationalsozialismus-SchwarzS.

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Perhaps this was announced to make Adolf Hitler believe that the British will indeed sincerely help negotiate with the Poles about Danzig, when in reality they instigated the Poles to make war against Germany until they entered German territory so England and France can declare war on Germany, starting WW2. Fact is, the English played a cat and mouse game with Adolf Hitler in their hypocritical mediator position between Poland and Germany. Adolf Hitler knew this, of course, but was in a bad position where he was forced to defend his country when the Poles entered German territory shooting.

Whatever one thinks of his methods — and they are certainly not those of a parliamentary country — it is beyond doubt that he has accomplished a wonderful transformation in the spirit of the people, in their attitude toward one another and in their social and economic appearance. He rightly asserted in Nuremberg that his movement had created a new Germany in four years.

It is not the Germany of the first decade that followed the collapse of the war, depressed and bowed down with a feeling of worry and inability. It is now full of hope and confidence, filled with a renewed sense of determination to lead its life without outside interference. For the first time since the war there is a general sense of security. The people are happier. A general cheerfulness can be seen throughout the country. It is a happier Germany.

I have seen it everywhere, and compatriots whom I met during my journey and who know Germany well, were deeply impressed by the change. One man has accomplished this miracle. He is a born leader of the people. A magnetic and dynamic personality with sincere intention, a resolute will and a fearless heart.

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He is not only by name but in fact the national leader. He has protected them against the surrounding enemies. He also protects them against the horrors of starvation, which is one of the worst memories of the last years of the war and the first years of peace. Over , have starved to death in those dark years. One can still recognize the effects of this on the bodies of those who have been born into this sad time. The fact that Hitler rescued his country from the fear that the times of despair, misery and humiliation might repeat themselves has given him unchallenged authority in modern Germany.

There is not the slightest doubt about his popularity, especially among the youth of Germany. The elders trust him, the young idolize him.

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It is not just the admiration that a popular leader gains. It is the worship of a national hero who has saved his country from utter despondency and degradation. To those who have not themselves seen and felt in what manner Hitler determines the heart and spirit of Germany, this description may seem exaggerated. But it is the pure truth. These great people will work better, sacrifice more, and — if necessary — fight with greater determination, simply because Hitler demands it of them.

Those who do not understand this central point can not properly assess the present possibilities of modern Germany. This impression weighs more than anything else that I saw during my brief visit to the new Germany. There was an atmosphere of revival. This had an extraordinary influence in the unification of the nation. Catholics and Protestants, Prussia and Bavaria, entrepreneurs and workers, rich and poor have joined together to form one people.

Religious, regional and class differences no longer divide the nation. There is a passion for unity born of sheer necessity. Bad Nenndorf — once British torture and interrogation center of Germans. Until May 31, … the Brits imprisoned 71, persons. The majority of them, about ,, was arrested because they belonged to an automatic arrest category… 70 P. The life conditions in the No. English inspectors at Fallingsbostel, criticised that 44 Percent of the imprisoned suffered from nutritional edema… 70 P. British inspectors came across a catastrophic situation… In total 48 people, not at last because of hunger, died in the last three months until April 70 P The delegate Shepherd commented in the London Parliament that 50, people in the internment camps are in such bad conditions that they can hardly move… 70 P.

A large percentage of the women was ill from hunger. Sometimes the whole shore was covered with bodies of concentration camp prisoners [POWs] as here in Timmendorf. Report by Mrs. First separated from his men he saw them shortly thereafter again — on the shore of the fjord that was covered with countless corpses. Concentration camp prisoners and refugees from the East were on the ships marked with the Red Cross emblem, shot at by the English and sunk. The corpses drifted ashore. With cocked machine gun, the British officers told my husband, to order his men who had refused so far to act without their commander to disrobe the bodies, cut off their hair , and take off their jewelry, etc.

To this my husband answered they could shoot him right now, because he will never give this order. The men of the U did their gruesome work. The corpses had to be thrown on big heaps. Before my husband stood a German-speaking Englishman with a drawn pistol. From the English headquarters buses arrived bringing people with cameras who photographed the corpses. In the first years of the s, Mr. My husband did not like to talk about these things as he suffered terribly over it.

Burkhard Schwenker

Born in , he was in barely 23 years old. He no longer lives now, but some of his men could still be alive. Source: Translated by germanvictims. Soldat — Dead Germans planned and used for Holocaust movie. Historische Tatsachen — Nr.

Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition) Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition)
Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition) Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition)
Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition) Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition)
Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition) Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition)
Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition) Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition)
Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition) Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition)
Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition) Strategisch Denken - Mutiger Führen (re:think CEO 1) (German Edition)

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