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QSOS with Donna Sue Groves

The result was the heron quilt Bungee Neck Stretching, p.

Sue 'n' Jill

With their help on how to make a book dummy, she sent out her poetry manuscript, photos of the two quilts and sketches of 17 more projected quilts. Sometimes watercolors expanded these small photos and developed the color palate for a particular quilt. After value sketches, all the quilts were designed to scale on a large white table in pencil.

Then tissue paper tracings of the birds were useful both to reposition and fine-tune the sketches and to select the most perfectly shaded pieces of the fabric to cut out. Borders around each quilt are based on traditional Seminole patchwork patterns and are machine sewn.

Present day Miccosukee Indians of South Florida still use these designs. Next will be better storage space for my fabrics and supplies!

Thousands expected to attend MO Star Quilt Company's 11th Birthday Bash

My quilting specialty is creating quilts using machine techniques. My classes are nice for beginners as well as experienced machine quilters. I am always striving to keep growing and to use my machine to achieve the best quality results.

I am teaching mostly machine quilting workshops at Lancaster. I absolutely love to teach beginners because machine quilting seems very intimidating to most quilters.

Sue Bouchard's Retirement & Bed Turning

I love to show that anyone can be a good machine quilter with some good basics and practice. She called her husband and asked if he could ship it to next day UPS.

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He could not find the cord at home so he went and bought one at the local shop and said he would ship it to her to arrive the next day. Hi Sue…I am sure you don't remember me, but I took a class from you a while ago in Columbia, Missouri.

I wanted to take both machine applique and machine quilting but alas the machine applique class was filled, so I bought your book. Thanks so much for the fun class. I started the class knowing very little about machine quilting and left doing feathers!!

Sue Joes Quilt Sue Joes Quilt
Sue Joes Quilt Sue Joes Quilt
Sue Joes Quilt Sue Joes Quilt
Sue Joes Quilt Sue Joes Quilt
Sue Joes Quilt Sue Joes Quilt
Sue Joes Quilt Sue Joes Quilt
Sue Joes Quilt Sue Joes Quilt

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