Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella)

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To fill you, again and again. I wanted to eat your pussy and make you come with my mouth. His mouth nipped at her earlobe, not helping either. Instead of trying to stop him, she tilted her pelvis toward his hand. This was madness. He was different from other men. Her hips bucked toward him, wanting more, but Amaury instantly pulled out and away from her. She looked up at him and saw how his finger came to his lips, and how he sucked it into his mouth, licking it clean.

He was seducing her, plain and simple, and she had no defenses.

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Her brain was mush. His scent was all around her, enveloping her in a cocoon of desire. Maybe he had understood what she was unable to tell him, because his hand came back, and again he slipped it into her panties. He penetrated her once more, then withdrew instantly and pulled his finger up and over her clit, circling it slowly.

This was not the voice of an angry man. Instead he was tempting her to surrender to him. Her hand had a mind of its own as it suddenly reached for him, finding his swollen shaft hidden behind the fabric of his pants. She felt how hard he was for her.

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  • Before she could enjoy the heat under her palm, he gripped her hand and pulled it away. Tonight, I get to touch you, not the other way around.

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    • She wanted nothing more than to kiss him, touch him, feel him inside her. His thumb stroked over her center of pleasure, first very lightly, almost as if by accident. But she knew nothing he did was an accident. While his lips kissed alongside her neck, a neck she offered him without fear he would bite, his finger slipped into her tight sheath.

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      Slowly and steadily he drove deep, then withdrew. Every time he plunged deeper she tried to hold onto his finger by tightening her muscles, but every time he withdrew, leaving her wanting. She was beyond foolish pride. More fingers. All she could think of was the pleasure he gave her with his touch.

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      Nina bucked against him. Do you want me to touch it? But he pulled back. A second later, Nina felt his thumb stroke her where she needed it most. She leaned her head against his shoulder, breathing in his male scent. She needed this man, this vampire. There was no reason to deny it. He awoke everything female in her.

      When she was near him she felt like a bitch in heat. Amaury knew exactly how to touch her, how to create all those delicious sensations in her body that rendered her nearly delirious with pleasure. And she knew it was how it would be: a fierce claiming, a powerful possession. Because he had the power over her body to make her surrender to him. And surrender she would, not caring what he would do once she did, as long as his body was there to soothe her need, to fill that gaping void, to quell her thirst for more. The only way to alleviate the pain is through sex. When he meets the feisty human woman Nina, a cure for his ailment seems within reach: in her presence all pain vanishes.

      As every kiss brings them physically closer, danger is lurking and threatens to destroy the little trust they have in each other. Open Internationally. Contest closes on Wednesday, May This is about you deceiving me. How you keep blaming yourself day after day? She understood him better than he thought. You know why? Because then I could just walk away and not care. And you want to help me? Get real, Dr. Would she really want to wipe any memories of her time with Aiden from her mind if she could? It took only a second for her heart to find the answer.

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      I take that back. His hands let go of her shoulders, then went down to her jeans. He dug them into the waistband, but instead of simply opening the button and lowering the zipper, he tore at the fabric and shredded it like it was paper, making her aware that he could tear her body just as easily if he wished.

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      She gasped into his mouth, both shocked and excited at the same time. Cool air wafted against her naked skin before his hot hand was between her legs, sliding over her sex, just as he ripped his mouth from hers. Without giving it a second thought, she unbuttoned his pants, lowered the zipper and pushed his jeans down to his thighs. Before she could do any more, he lifted her, spreading her legs wide. Without a word, he plunged into her, his cock harder than ever. He had to make it clear to her that she would be punished if she ever hurt him again. She showed no sign of distress despite his rough handling of her.

      On the contrary. Her legs wrapped around his waist, urging him on to fuck her harder, to go deeper, to take more of her. Unable to resist, he took her lips again, this time with more passion and less anger. Breathing hard, Aiden released her lips and trailed hot kisses along her neck.

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      He looked back at her eyes and saw a multitude of emotions brimming there. When she sighed contently, his entire body filled with a newfound sense of strength. His balls tightened at the same moment, and he felt his orgasm overwhelm him. Unable to hold it back, he brought his hand between them and rubbed against her clit as he drove into her one last time.

      https://liacticulsen.tk Breathing hard, his heart racing, he leaned his forehead against hers.

      Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella) Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella)
      Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella) Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella)
      Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella) Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella)
      Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella) Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella)
      Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella) Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella)
      Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella) Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella)
      Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella) Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella)
      Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella) Swing, Baby (Erotica Novella)

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