The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business

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Why should Small Businesses consider embracing the mobile app revolution?

This, in the long run would help you raise customer satisfaction all across the board.

The mobile app revolution has barely begun | InfoWorld

It is no hidden fact that a mobile app can help you raise customer satisfaction. But it has also been proven that when customer satisfaction is raised, it is often followed by an increase in sales too. As more and more customers find the interactions with your app fruitful and pleasant, the demand for your services and products will increase too!

You might have an awesome website which has the ability to adapt to the multitude of devices available in the market which might eliminate the need for a secondary mobile website, but nothing beats the experience that an app can provide. With thousands of businesses vying for attention what are you doing that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd?

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Mobile app for your business can accomplish this with ease. It is still rare to use a mobile app for communication and marketing, and the sooner you get into it, the more you stand to gain from it. How many times do your customers come back to you after they have made their first purchase?

This is an important aspect for the growth of your business and you must pay it due attention.

Finally, an Affordable Mobile Web App for Small Businesses

It is easier to cultivate customer loyalty when you constantly remind your customers of your existence and your offerings. Advertising is a crowded space which is constantly bombarding the users with visual imagery consisting of hundreds of thousands of brands and products. A mobile app forges a truthful and honest relationship between your business and your customers. The mere fact that your app is at their fingertips makes the customers feel more connected and loyal to you.

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Integrating as many social channels as you can, into your app can bring you an unexpected popularity. It has been established through studies that most of the people log on to the social media to see what their friends are saying. If people are talking about you or your products and sharing it on the social media, then their friends would know about you, be reminded of you, and interact with you. Additionally, incorporating features like in-app messaging, comments, likes, sharing, and logins through popular social media channels like Facebook or Instagram can effectively increase customer engagement and retention while ensuring repeat sales from your app.

The fact is that a mobile app would add further value to your website, by creating loyalty among the customers who were probably attracted to your brand by the website. Websites are, in general great for providing information, an app however, is extremely effective in offering two-way communication.

The Mobile Revolution for Small Businesses

Every coin has a flip side, and this stands true even in this regard. There might be certain situations which can pose a problem for you if you are planning to build a mobile app for your business. C has since been ported to all platforms via Mono and, more recently, the decision of Microsoft to make C and the entire. NET platform open source. The resulting applications benefit from both a modern and powerful programming language in C , and from having access to every native goodie that Objective-C, Swift and Java enjoy. Recently we have become interested in React Native from Facebook; mostly due to the advanced development tools that are available.

We tell our clients this every time we talk about creating a mobile app for their business. Just like web designers will tell you not to simple recreate your print marketing on a web site, a good mobile developer will advise you not to simply place your web content into your mobile app. Mobile apps live on mobile phones; smart phones. They have access to things like geo-location, high-quality cameras and push notifications. Can your business benefit from such capabilities? A good developer will ask these questions and hope that your answers align well with his or her analysis of the situation. If you disagree from the start on how native your app needs to be, or if you even really need a native app, that is your first, and probably your only FREE warning.

To find out more about creating great mobile apps with Agilx, contact us and set up a time to visit. Today, with social media apps at our fingertips, small businesses have become a lot more accessible to the public. With one quick search, people can easily contact you to learn more about your services, or even follow you on social media to help guide their buying decision for later.

Remember when you had to wait to get back to your desk to actually get work done? You can easily email a contractor from your device, send an invoice to your client with cloud accounting and even communicate with your team using an instant messaging app like Slack. With a device at hand, you can efficiently manage each moving part of your business, wherever it takes you. You can now turn the unproductive in-between time into more efficient and timely workflows. As a small business owner, you have certain advantages that not many large companies can match: Your level of customer service.

As the face of your business, you want your clients to not only be impressed by the output of your work, but with each and every interaction in between.

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So the unique experience you provide to your clients can really set you apart and help you thrive. Smartphones make it easier for you to provide support to your clients. For starters, you instantly become more available with your device. You can offer support through mobile instant messaging, which allows your clients to informally seek assistance, and for you to respond from anywhere and anytime.

And guess what? Promptness and fast turnarounds are key components to delivering great customer service!

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Before smartphones took over, in order to provide great customer service, it usually costed you more. With your smartphone, you have access to a huge library of apps to help you run your business more efficiently. For instance, a complicated piece of software could have cost thousands of dollars and hours to install. You can shoot straight from your device.

The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business
The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business
The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business
The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business
The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business
The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business

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