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They can contribute with their knowledge and power to take action. The analysis is further refined in the first workshop. Step 4: In the first workshop, stakeholders identify and detail issues between sectors while considering the sectoral plans and linkages to other sectors.

Step 5: Still in the first workshop a nexus diagram is drawn collectively. It includes the nexus components water, food, energy, ecosystems and all the identified linkages.

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Financing the Nexus: Gaps and Opportunities from a Field Perspective, | IASC

Stakeholders identify various solutions such as, land use management, cooperation agreements, policy solutions, infrastructure projects or economic instruments. Information exchange is a crucial part of the process when authorities, stakeholders and analysts carry out the steps of the assessment.

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The figure shows how a key documents are exchanged between stakeholders, authorities and analysts for desk studies and b how information is passed to the workshops. Looking beyond this overview, the nexus assessment methodology uses a broad set of indicators and different fit-for-purpose tools depending on the intersectoral issues analysed.

The nexus of opioids, pain, and addiction: Challenges and solutions.

Several nexus tools and approaches have been developed to assess the nexus at different scales and for different purposes, and could be considered for detailing a scoping level assessment of the kind carried out using the methodology developed under the Water Convention. An overarching theme is that of complexity— one cannot talk about comprehensive and robust agricultural policy without addressing the complexities involved.

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In the European Union, substantial effort has been made over the years regarding the integration of water and agricultural policies. Monitoring systems for water and agricultural policies, however, remain disjointed.

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The Nexus The Nexus
The Nexus The Nexus
The Nexus The Nexus
The Nexus The Nexus
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