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But over the years we've transformed it into a hugely efficient space, which can house up to , books. In we could send just , books a year. Last year we sent 62 shipments carrying In the meticulous biography Becoming C. Lewis, the first of a planned trilogy, Harry Lee Poe chronicles Lewis's first 20 years: it is the death of Lewis's mother, when he was nine years old, that Poe asserts caused Lewis to ponder life's big questions and the problem of suffering Cynicism has always played a large role in corporate publishing.

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The poet laureate's new prize for a collection that focuses on the environment highlights a crisis that can no longer be ignored, plus an exclusive new poem. The mood of the exhibitors and visitors was equally sunny and positive.


And the same could be said for event co-organizer For self-published authors, getting your book into the hands of readers who are specifically interested in your genre or your expertise is imperative. Even if you've managed to get your work into bookstores, your title is one thousands of books they carry. Online, your title is one among Seen through the window of the recording booth, Bryson's face is largely obscured by the microphone in front of I find it just so staggering - that you're supposed to explain the meaning of your book to some total stranger!

If I knew what the meanings Turkish police have rearrested the journalist and novelist Ahmet Altan, just a week after his release from prison over alleged links to the failed coup.

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As well as our 20 services for writers, we offer more than 6, pages of information and advice about getting published. Whether it's preparing for publication, finding a publisher or agent, or self-publishing, just click on the links in the top nav and then in the drop-down boxes to dig down into the site and find what you want.

The lefthand links provide another route into the site. Last summer, with my family, I visited a home I still own in the mountains of Nagano, northwest of Tokyo, the residue of my many years in Japan. The house has a dusty attic that, to my grandchildren, was magically intriguing. Exploring the attic in excitement, they found, under a pile of old carpets, a leather suitcase and four large boxes of manuscripts.

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I was filled with enormous relief and emotion at the sight of all this yellowing paper, as if a lost child had been returned to me. In the boxes and suitcase that I unpacked upon my return to Singapore, the many notebooks and binders in which I had handwritten my first four novels finally emerged. I also found the early typed drafts of these novels, all heavily cushioned by the literal cutting and pasting together of text that I did in those days.

It was a strange feeling to open up those old dog-eared exercise books, to look down at the flow of my own firm writing, and to see the pressure of emotion, the urgency to capture the torrent of thoughts, the cross-hatching of corrections, the smears and finger-marks, the stain of a coffee cup.

And remembering how I had stood before the writings of Dickens and so many other literary immortals in the Reading Room of the British Museum so long ago, I felt humbled to have shared with every writer across time, in my own very small way, the miracle of our human imagination.

Walt Whitman described it most evocatively:. Philosophers have examined the miracle of the imagination across the ages, from Sophocles to Paracelsus to those of our modern times. Breaking with earlier ideas about the source of the imagination, the philosopher Immanuel Kant saw it as the hidden condition of all knowledge.


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He speaks of it as being transcendental, of grounding the objectivity of the object in the subjectivity of the subject. To Kant, the imagination preconditions our very experience of the world, rather than coming from a transcendent place beyond man, as some earlier philosophers suggested. To the writer, however, when caught in the heat of inspiration, the seemingly unstoppable flow of words can come only from a Divine Mind. Perhaps it is this heightened state of awareness and its connection to our common humanity that the writer seems able to command that imbues literary manuscripts with such romantic power for the public.

In our modern world, the interest in literary manuscripts has grown enormously. Many institutions, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, spend large sums of money to acquire the manuscripts of famous writers. Two hundred years ago, nobody would have bothered to archive contemporary literary work. Today, in the digital age, manuscripts have acquired both a meaningful and a magical value.

The magic, however, is found in the mystery of artistic genius. Together, they journey through the imagination to unknown worlds and to those deepest parts within us.

Buy a cat, stay up late, don't drink: top 10 writers’ tips on writing

It is this wish to share in the direct experience of the writer that fuels the push within libraries and archival institutions around the world to build archives of primary materials. This is why the librarians from the National Library welcomed my own humble, handwritten exercise books, the sheets of manuscript padded with pieces of cut and pasted text, and even an unrelated shopping list hastily scribbled into a margin.

The extraordinary journey of literary creation holds us in awe as we view a manuscript. From the intimacy of the written page, the writer appears to reach out across time and space, linking us in direct and authentic experience to the work being produced. Her most recent donation in includes typescripts of The Bonsai Tree John Murray: London, , a novel about a young English woman who marries the Japanese heir to a textile empire and her many travails at a time when foreigners were reviled by conservative Japanese society.

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While living in Japan, the author visited various museums and heritage sites to gather information for her early novels. These Japanese- and English-language ephemera — including brochures and booklets — on old European-style mansions inhabited by expatriates in Japan from the midth to early 20th-century were donated to the National Library, along with a reproduction of a plan of the Yokohama Foreign Settlement. Plus: Marketing options, social media programs, and book trailers to help boost book sales. Web Design Relief Make sure literary agents, editors, and readers can find you! Plus: It acts as a hub for your social media outreach.

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